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Nothing Was Ever Handed To Dorothea Millanaire No Attention No Love No Power So She Decided To Take Them For Herself With Her Sword She Accepts Her Fate When She Is Executed For Being A Bloodthirsty Tyrant Only To Wake Up As A Child This Is Her Second Chance She Must Not Repeat History She Must Be Good






When Jiwon A 37 Year Old Cancer Patient Walks In On Her Husband And Best Friend She Realizes Her Whole Life Has Been A Lie What S Worse She Dies A Tragic Death At The Hands Of Her Husband Would Things Have Been Different If She Had Made Different Choices Fortunately For Jiwon She Is Given The Chance To Rewrite Her Fate When She Is Reincarnated As Her Younger Self This Time She Vows To Live A Happy Life But First Comes Revenge Her Plan To Marry Off Her Now Former Best Friend To Her Lying Cheating Husband


What Happens When A Struggling Witch Meets An Angsty Vampire Either Love Or War Morgana Belongs To A Long Line Of Witches And Oz To The Rival Vampire Clan After A Chance Encounter And Maybe A Few Stray Spells These Two Need To Find A Way To Work Together Or Risk All Out War Between Coven And Clan


Dogged By Pain And Misfortune From The Very Beginning Shin Ae Decides She Wants Nothing To Do With People Nor Anything To Do With Romance Although Content With Her Unsocial Boring Loveless Existence Her Lifestyle Is Challenged After She Ruins An Unsuspecting Strangers Clothes


Jiwoo Is A Kind Hearted Young Man Who Harnesses The Lightning Quick Reflexes Of A Cat To Secretly Make The World A Better Place One Saved Little Child Or Foster Pet At A Time Kayden Is A Secret Agent On The Run Who Finds Himself Stuck In The Body Of A Um Decidedly Fat Old Fluffy Cat Together Armed With Jiwoo S Super Powers And Kayden S Uber Smarts They Re Out To Fight Those Forces Who Would Let Evil Rule This World That Is If They Can Stand Each Other Long Enough To Get The Job Done


Dumped After Confessing To Her First Crush Of Three Years Rosa Park Falls For Her Second When The Nation S Favorite Superpowered Police Officer Doryeong Han Swoops In To Save Her As She S Plummeting From A Toppling Building A Few Years Later A Mysterious Villain Called Blackdog Appears But Doryeong Notices Something Is Not Quite Right Will The World S Worst Villain Ever Win The Heart Of The Strongest Hero In The Country
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