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Dokja Was An Average Office Worker Whose Sole Interest Was Reading His Favorite Web Novel Three Ways To Survive The Apocalypse But When The Novel Suddenly Becomes Reality He Is The Only Person Who Knows How The World Will End Armed With This Realization Dokja Uses His Understanding To Change The Course Of The Story And The World As He Knows It






Estelle Meets Her Untimely Death As A Valiant Knight Of The Kingdom Of Ersha But Death Is Not The End For Estelle Three Years After Her Demise She Finds Herself Reincarnated In The Body Of Lucifela Aydin The Spoiled And Cold Hearted Daughter Of A Count In The Empire Of Jansgar To Her Dismay She Finds That Her Country Fell To Jansgar Years Ago And That She Is Now Betrothed To Zedekiah Heint The Son Of A Duke And Her Adversary In Her Previous Life Can Estelle Discover The Truth Behind Her Death While Attempting To Navigate Her New Life As Lucifela


Where Do Our Souls Travel When We Dream For The Boy Named Spider Dream Worlds Become Reality When Nightmares Come To Steal The Soul Of The One He Loves Crossing Dimensions To Get Her Back Spider Must Navigate A Tricky Web Of Fates As He Joins The Dreamwalkers


Dogged By Pain And Misfortune From The Very Beginning Shin Ae Decides She Wants Nothing To Do With People Nor Anything To Do With Romance Although Content With Her Unsocial Boring Loveless Existence Her Lifestyle Is Challenged After She Ruins An Unsuspecting Strangers Clothes


Baphomet Is The Ruthless Dispassionate Lord Of The Abyssal Tower A Mysterious Monster Filled Dungeon Plaguing The Human World Many Hunters Seek To Defeat Him And Bring The Tower Down To No Avail Despite His Demonic Power Baphomet Grows Curious About Humanity One Day Baphomet Is Defeated By Raven The Strongest Hunter And Realizes That His True Wish Is To Be Just Like The Humans He Previously Looked Down On In Death He Is Granted His Wish As He Awakens As A Human Without His Powers


Working Hard Is Supposed To Take You Far But Into The World Of Your Best Friend S Novel For Lucy Being Whisked Into A Life Of Ballrooms And Picnics Isn T Exactly What It S Cracked Up To Be At Least Not When Everyone Has Mistaken Her For The Villain Flagged For Death To Escape This Fate Lucy Must Transform From Modern Workaholic To High Society Schemer If She Even Has A Chance At Returning Home Will She Make It Or Will This World Of Beautiful Outfits Strawberry Desserts And Dashingly Handsome Gentlemen Seal Her Fate
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