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When The Demon King Feels Challenged By The Hero To Find Love He Infiltrates The School For Human Adventurers Where Romance Thrives The Most Only To Find That The School Is Under The Holy Church Which Main Purpose Is To Kill The Demon King






Not All Villains Are Evil When Suna Choi Reincarnates As Edith Rigelhof The Villain From Her Favorite Novel She Is Determined To Change Edith S Life Around And Treats Everyone With Kindness Although She Marries The Handsome Killian Rudwick He Is Madly In Love With The Original Protagonist Of The Book And Mistrusts Edith Because She Is From A Rival Family Will Her Marriage Survive The Whirlwind Of Family Feuds Love Triangles And More Will Edith Find Her Happy Ending


Nobody Paid Much Attention To John Just A Normal Teenager At A High School Where The Social Elite Happen To Possess Unthinkable Powers And Abilities But John S Got A Secret Past That Threatens To Bring Down The School S Whole Social Order And Much More Fulfilling His Destiny Won T Be Easy Though Because There Are Battles Frenemies And Deadly Conspiracies Around Every Corner


Feeling A Little Under The Weather Lariette Blanche Visits Doctor Zakascoff Only To Find Out That She Has An Extremely Rare Congenital Disease And Only Three Months Left To Live Though Devastated At First Lariette Decides To Write Up A Bucket List Of Everything She Wants To Do Before She Dies However Little Did She Know That The Diagnosis Was Actually Wrong With So Many Changes Implemented In Her Life Already What Will Lariette Do Moving Forward Will She Return To Her Previous Life Or Continue Living The New One Full Of Adventures She Had Never Imagined Before


When Cheongmyeong Of The Mount Hua Sect Awakens A Hundred Years In The Future His Last Memories Are Of A Bloody Battle Against The Leader Of The Demonic Cult The Evil Cheonma The Battle Almost Saw The End Of The Ten Great Sects Of Ancient China When Cheongmyeong Ended The Hard Fought Struggle By Striking Down Cheonma Soon After He Succumbed To His Wounds Filled With Regret At Their Pyrrhic Victory All Is Not Lost However As He Awakens To His Second Chance At Life Shocked To Find His Beloved Mount Hua Sect Reduced To A Mere Shadow Of Itself In The Present Day Cheongmyeong Embarks On A Journey To Restore Mount Hua To Its Former Glory


At The Age Of Eight Ijin Yu Lost His Parents In A Plane Crash And Became Stranded In A Foreign Land Forced To Become A Child Mercenary In Order To Stay Alive He Returns Home Ten Years Later To Be Reunited With His Family In Korea Where Food And Shelter Are Plenty And Everything Seems Peaceful But Ijin Will Soon Learn That Life As A Teenager Is A Whole Other Feat Of Survival With Only One Year Of High School Left Ijin Must Master New Tactics To Maneuver His Way Around The Schoolhouse Battleground Can He Survive A Year Of High School Or Rather Will The School Be Able To Survive Him
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